Shakira's Son, Milan: First Photo Revealed (PHOTO)

Shakira has released the very first photo of her newborn son, Milan, who was born two weeks ago.

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique are throwing a baby shower. But unlike most baby showers, this one will honor the baby's birth and everyone is invited. The "World Baby Show" is part of a UNICEF charity campaign to raise money for children.

"Shakira and Gerard want to highlight how children around the world still suffer from preventable illnesses, and they want your help!" the shower website announced.

The site is accepting donations from $5 to $110, each amount representing a different item that the money might purchase. On the low end, the most affordable thing to buy is a mosquito net. On the higher end, donors can also give ready-to-eat therapeutic food.

The shower has also been turned into a game in order to encourage donors to give more money and share their activity with friends. Players can become champions by earning "points for each piece of exclusive content they share and increase their chances of winning signed Shakira CDs and DVDs and FC Barcelona shirts and footballs!"

The couple said in a statement that they hoped sharing the picture would inspire others to give.

"We hope that, in his name, other less privileged children in the world can have their basic needs covered through gifts and donations," Shakira, 35, and Piqué, 26, wrote on the site. "Thank you for sharing this unforgettable moment with us."

Additional photos of the baby can be accessed, if players make at least a $5 donation. The first leaked photos has users swooning.

"If this is not the sweetest baby photo, I do not know what is," one user wrote on People magazine's blog. "Congrats to the beautiful family, and I find it wonderful that they are so involved in charities."