Shallow Grave Off Freeway Ruled Homicide: Victim a Man in His 20s or 30s? (VIDEO)

A shallow grave was discovered off a California highway with unidentified remains.

Police are investigating what they have deemed a homicide after unidentified remains were discovered in a shallow grave. The grave was found off a freeway embankment in Downey, according to reports.

A highway patrol deputy discovered the grave on Sunday afternoon, according to The Los Angeles Times. It is located somewhere off the 105 Freeway near Bellflower Boulevard, authorities said, although they failed to identify or describe the remains.

The body was discovered at 4:45 p.m., Sgt. Vince Rosario of the Downey Police Department, told the local CBS station. A homicide investigation was opened, the sergeant confirmed.

While authorities did not provide any description of the victim in initial reports, City News Service later suggested that the body was that of a man who appeared to be in his 20s or 30s. Traffic on the freeway slowed down as investigators looked into the case, confirmed.

 About 80 miles away in Quartz Hills, Calif., police discovered a human skull. The skull was also found sometime Sunday afternoon. A family dog was digging around the area when the skull was found.

"One of the residents in the area found the skull and contacted the Palmdale Sheriff's Station," sheriff's Lt. Holly Francisco told KTLA news.

Search teams returned to area was the skull was discovered on Monday to search for more remains. Police were also going through missing persons and attempting to discover possible connections to the case.

At this point, the two discoveries are not related.