Shannon Miller Expecting Baby Girl After Battle With Cancer

Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller is thrilled to announce that she is expecting a little girl of her own. It was wonderful news for Miller, who battled ovarian cancer and wasn't sure if she would be able to have more children.

She and husband John Falconetti "talked about having another child" previously.

"We knew with the surgery – having my left tube and ovary removed with the tumor – that that would decrease the chances. Then you add chemotherapy on top of that. My oncologist said at least a year to wait before even trying," she told People magazine.

"We got a green light to start trying and now we are five and half months along," Miller exclaimed. However, the couple would have been just as happy with a baby boy. He would certainly have fun playing with big brother Rocco.

"If we got a boy we have lots of clothes and toys, and I think we feel like we have the boy thing down at this point. If we get a girl, I'm going to be a little intimidated but it's going to be fantastic. I think Rocco wants a girl. It'll be the first girl grandchild on my side of the family," Miller added.

Miller has a total of 16 World Championships and Olympic Medals from her time competing between 1991 and 1996. She is the most decorated gymnast in United States history. Today she works at the Shannon Miller Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity by getting kids moving.

She has written her memoir about dealing with cancer and regularly blogs about "Competing with Cancer." There is also a free E-book available on her website for those who need encouragement and just everyday inspiration. Miller has dedicated her life to fitness, health, wellness, and her own family.

"Rocco's 'new' room is red, white and blue and little girl will get lots of pink!" she tweeted yesterday. It's clear the Miller-Falconetti family is eagerly preparing for a new hurdle and challenge in life.