Shaquan Duley on Oprah: Child Killer Interviewed on OWN

Oprah Winfrey will interview Shaquan Duley, a mother who killed her two children, for the new episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter."

Shaquan Duley confessed to killing her two children in August of 2010 by suffocating them, and admitted she attempted to cover up the murders as a car accident. Duley claims that she killed her 18-month-old and two-year-old after arguing with her mother, who insisted that Duley was a bad mother.

Duley strapped her dead children into their car seats and drove her car into a South Carolina river before reporting to police that the children had drowned after the car went off the road. Duley later confessed that she had suffocated her children.

A month after the incident occurred, Oprah interviewed Duley's family. Duley is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, before which Oprah will conduct a second interview. The 30-year-old woman faces up to 30 years in prison.

When the case was first reported, several inconsistencies were found within the story that Duley originally provided to the police. "For someone who's just plunged into the Edisto River, and has two children, the clothing wasn't damp as though she tried to retrieve the children from the river," Sheriff Larry Williams told the CBS Early Show.

Duley's family attributed her actions to her current mental state at the time. "Duley's relatives and attorney have said the young mother was depressed, out of a job and failing online classes," CBS reported.

Duley was also reportedly suicidal. "Her attorney, Carl B. Grant, told Winfrey that Duley was distraught, in part owing to a lack of contact with her children's father. She tried to kill herself the night of her sons' deaths by consuming a dozen packages of a common headache remedy and trying to slit her wrists with a box cutter," Grant relayed to CBS.

The new interview with Duley will air on Oprah's OWN network at 9 p.m. on April 1.