Shaquille O'Neal Presents 'The Real Preachers Wives' With Comedic Twist

Shaquille O'Neal Presents 'The Real Preachers Wives' With Comedic Twist

Shaquille O'Neal may be most known for his basketball prowess, but the NBA player turned commentator debuted an episode on his YouTube comedy channel of his new reality television show "The Real Preachers Wives".

"You've heard of 'Basketball Wives' and 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' right? Well, what about 'Real Preachers Wives,'" the description of the show reads on O'Neal's YouTube channel. "That's right, they need love too! 'The Real Preachers Wives' is a hilarious take on the popular wives reality TV franchises. Starring; GloZell Green, Shari Headley and David Spates."

In the first official episode of the show that debuted Monday called "The Meet and Greet", two preachers wives named Sister Collins and Sister Walker engage in a fist fight complete with drink-throwing and the snatching off of wigs. Various stereotypes of preachers wives are included in the episode that includes Sister Collins clutching her Bible during her one-on-one camera interview.

While Collins accused Walker of going through a divorce with her husband, the latter accused her fellow church leader of faking an experience with the Holy Ghost in church. At one point, Walker uses a curse word to describe Collins before saying, "Excuse me lord, she made me curse."

Although some of the themes in the four-minute skit seem a bit crass for church, including talks of a sex tape, some viewers of the channel seemed impressed with O'Neal's comedic episode.

"Lol I love this show already can't wait for the next episode," one person wrote in the comments section for the video.

However, others seemed less impressed with O'Neal's newest venture.

"Wasn't cool they overdid it," another person commented.

O'Neal's Comedy Shaq Network, an urban themed YouTube comedy channel that features stand-up comedy, original web series, sketch shows and animation, promised another episode of the new show that gained over 300 views at press time.


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