Sharing God's Love in Unlikely Places

 Instead of ostracizing and condemning men and women who work in the porn industry, two Christian ministries from Southern California are among several in the nation that are reaching out to workers in strip clubs and porn conventions in an attempt to share God's love for them.

Their efforts are showing positive results say the leaders of a group of women at Rock Church in San Diego that started a ministry chapter of JC's Girls seven years ago, and in Pasadena, where XXXChurch is headquartered and outreaches to men and women.

Sheri Brown, one of the lead coordinators for the San Diego chapter of JC's Girls, told The Christian Post on Tuesday that their trained volunteers' mission field includes going to all of the strip clubs in San Diego, porn conventions in Los Angeles, as well as anywhere else God calls them to go to "reach out in love" as they form bonds with the women who are desperately searching for love and fulfillment in their lives.