Shark within a Shark Draws Comparison's to Turducken in Amazing Photo

A crew of scientists and researchers were out on the water tracking and tagging sand tiger sharks when they got a very unexpected result.

According to GrindTV the crew cast out a fish called a menhaden as bait to try and catch the tiger shark. Almost immediately a much smaller shark known as a dogfish grab the bait, and upon that bite a sand tiger shark came from beneath and snatched the dogfish.

"The dogfish was about 3 feet long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark," a post on the University of Delaware's ORB (Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing, Biogeography Lab) lab Facebook page said.

"There's gotta be some kind of 'turducken' label for this kind of situation," said Aaron Martens, pro bass angler, online referring to a Thanksgiving meal that consists of a chicken, in a duck, in a turkey.

The scientists were on the hunt for sand tiger sharks to replace broken or loose tags they had previously placed on the sharks for research.

ORB spoke about the vicious look of the sharks, and why their teeth are so jagged on their Facebook.

"Their protruding spike-like teeth are perfect for spearing their favorite foods: bony fishes, small sharks, rays, squids, crabs, and lobsters."

Sand tigers can grow to be 10 feet long and have around 56 rows of teeth on each jaw because they lose around one tooth a day.