She Grew Up in a Brothel After Her Family Was Killed; See How God Restored and Healed Her (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: GemStone Media/Vimeo)

If anyone had reason to doubt the existence of God, it was Jenni. When she was 5, she was the only survivor of a car accident that killed her mother, grandfather and step-grandmother. She went to live with her father and step-mother above a brothel, and her bedroom was routinely raided by police. Then her uncle and aunt also died tragic deaths a month apart.

Jenni decided she no longer believed in a God who was seemingly absent from her life. But He had plans for the young woman who lived in Cologne, Germany.

By chance, she met Tim, who was visiting Cologne from Atlanta on mission. After Tim shared his story of struggles, Jenni felt a rare compulsion to tell hers. Tim connected Jenni with his friend Bethel, and the two women began meeting to talk about life and the Bible. Thus began Jenni's road to healing and a deeper relationship with Christ than she had ever had.

In this video from Greater Europe Mission, Jenni and Bethel share this story of her miraculous healing from untold tragedy. Watch it and SHARE.