She Thought She Gave Her Pizza to a Homeless Man, But You'll Be Shocked to Learn His Big Secret (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: ABC News)

Karine Gombeau was visiting New York City from Paris last week when she came across a homeless man rooting through the trash. She was so moved that she gave him the leftover pizza she was carrying. He gratefully accepted it, saying, "God bless you."

But what the French tourist thought was a quick good deed ended up becoming international news.

Gombeau was watching TV the next morning and suddenly saw herself on it. It turns out her 'homeless' beneficiary was actually Hollywood star Richard Gere, who was playing a homeless man on the set of his new film, "Time Out of Mind."

Gombeau had wandered onto the set, and the actor didn't break character to let the moment play out. Plus – as we're all thinking – hey, free pizza.