Sheen, Duff's 'Foodfight!' Trailer Leaked

Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff’s “Foodfight!” movie trailer was leaked, prompting critics to wonder one thing: what were they thinking?

The animated “Foodfight!” has a myriad of movie stars, and the leaked trailer briefly tells of the world that exists once supermarket doors close. Once the lights in the store go off, a confusing world of talking dog detectives, cat-people, and other poorly-rendered characters interact in puzzling ways.

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a spam,” claims Sheen’s character at the end of the almost two minute trailer.

“Foodfight!” had a $65 million budget, according to the Internet Movie Database, and many are suggesting that the monies went towards the star-studded cast, not the writers or computer animators.

Charlie Sheen plays Dex Dogtective, the protagonist, while Hilary Duff plays Sunshine Goodness, his scrappy sidekick. Other big names are in the film, including Haylie Duff, Eva Longoria, Christopher Lloyd (of the “Back to the Future” movies), Chris Kattan, and Wayne Brady.

Apparently, the movie, which had been in production since 2002, had to be redone after the hard drives containing the work was stolen, according to IMDb.

After completing the film, which was directed by Lawrence Kasanoff, no studio would distribute it, and the movie languished.

Now, the trailer for the strange film has been exposed, leading many to criticize the short film.

“If you have an appetite for adventure, get a taste of something deliciously action-packed,” says the narrator.

Other odd lines include Eva Longoria’s Lady X, saying, “Roll over Dogtective. You’re mine!”

The film is clearly marketed to the younger demographic, but even they may not believe some of the animation, as often, the characters’ lively dialogue does not sync with their jerky movements.

To view a video of the “Foodfight!” trailer, see below.