Sheen's Advice to Grandchild: 'Drive a Nice Car' - Star Reveals Anger Management Strategy (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)Actor Charlie Sheen arrives for the taping of the television show "The Comedy Central"s Roast of Charlie Sheen" at Sony studios in Culver City, California September 10, 2011. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Charlie Sheen's advice to his future grandchild is "Drive a nice car." The former Two and a Half Men actor gave the advice during his interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning.

Sheen gave an insightful interview on the morning talk show, discussing a number of new ventures he is planning for his career, as well as his personal life.

The 47 year old said he was "getting it all back together" following his very public meltdown in 2011. He explained that he would be in a new film, "The Last Glimpse of Charles Swan III," as well as working on the second season of his new sit-com, "Anger Management."

He further explained that he was preparing to be a grandfather, and that his eldest daughter, Cassandra Estevez, 28, was expecting her first child.

Joking about becoming a grandfather, Sheen said, "You can see the gray hairs sprouting? I'm very excited. It's one of those things you always think about, and then it happens. It's got to be somebody else's life. It's very cool."

When asked what his advice would be for his new grandchild, he said, "Drive a nice car."

Speaking about his new film he explained, "It's about love lost and why that happens and the mystery behind it. It's a lot of things I can relate to," Sheen said. "It was an opportunity to play a character and not have to squeeze it into 22 minutes. It was good and I hope people are receptive of it."

On his new sit-com Anger Management, Sheen said: "I'm very flattered and grateful for that. To come out of what I came out of and have this opportunity is incredible."

He also explained that he has ways of dealing with his own anger management issues: "There's actually a door on our set that has a hole in it that I punch through. I punched a hole in the door because I couldn't get a line one day and I was so frustrated. Of course the only damage on our set is done by the therapist. It's good to get that stuff out, just not towards people."