Sheriff Joe Arpaio Monitor to Oversee Sheriff's Office Under New Ruling (VIDEO)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new monitor will oversee the sheriff's office, according to reports out Saturday.

(Photo: Newsy Screen Shot)Sheriff Joe Arpaio's monitor will oversee the sheriff's office, according to a new court ruling.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow gave an order to oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office operations, and report to the court if any discrimination or racist activities are seen.

However, the judge also clarified that the monitor will have absolutely no power to interfere with official police business, but will simply be overseeing and reporting any issues of discrimination against Hispanics.

Judge Snow indicated that the sheriff's office was guilty of racial profiling against Hispanics, according to AZ Central. However, he has delayed his final findings, butis expected to make a final ruling by the end of September.

Over the coming weeks Sheriff Joe Arpaio's monitor will oversee operations and report any specific instances of rights violations to the court, as per Friday's ruling. At the heading, the parties agreed that Maricopa County deputies would receive yearly sensitivity training.

Record keeping and organization within the sheriff's department will also be reassessed, as agreed at the hearing.

The controversy surrounding the case stemmed from a 2007 incident, when a class action lawsuit was filed against Joe Arpaio following the arrest of a Hispanic man. The man was detained for a total of nine hours even though there was nothing illegal about his presence in the United States.

From that incident, other bad practices were investigated in which traffic stops had been conducted against Hispanics.

Earlier this year in May, Judge Snow determined that the sheriff violated constitutional rights through racial profiling.

Here is a video on the controversial case: