Sheriff Predicts 'Second American Revolution' Should Restrictive Gun Measures Pass

A sheriff in Wisconsin is warning of a pending second American revolution should stricter gun control measures be passed by the federal government.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is adamant that proposed gun control measures serve no other purpose than to create an excuse to limit access to guns by law-abiding citizens.

He also urged gun owners to take additional gun safety courses on the Sheriff's office website. Residents were warned that having a gun may be the only way to protect your family and because of cuts to police departments for the county.

Clarke was also worried that the government is not doing enough to enforce current laws or preventing criminals from owning guns. The Sheriff stated that he will defend an individual's right to bear arms and will not comply with confiscation should legislation call for such actions.

"First of all, to me that would be an act of tyranny. So the people in Milwaukee County do not have to worry about me enforcing some sort of order that goes out and collects everybody's handgun, or rifles, or any kind of firearm and makes them turn them in," Clarke said during an interview on the Alex Jones radio program.

"The reason is I don't want to get shot, because I believe that if somebody tried to enforce something of that magnitude, you would see the second coming of an American Revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison," he added.

Clarke had also recently stated that the guns that would potentially be banned are not what common crimes are committed with, suggesting the new measures would be ineffective at reducing crime or illegal use of firearms.

"This has nothing to do with violence reduction because the type of violence that we're talking about, that I see on the streets in the Milwaukee area on a daily basis is not even committed using the weapons that the left is trying to ban," Clarke said.