Sherlock Season 3 Air Date: Episode 1 Release Likely Early 2014 as Spoilers on Christmas Special Debunked as False Rumors (Teaser Trailer Video)

A Christmas special of hit series "Sherlock" will not be airing this holiday season.

(Photo: Reuters/Issei Kato)British actor Benedict Cumberbatch gives a thumbs up at a promotional event in Tokyo July 16, 2013.

To the disappointment of fans who widely believed rumors that a special Christmas episode was in the works, producer Sue Vertue, who is also the wife of Sherlock creator and executive producer Steven Moffat, dispelled those rumors in a recent tweet: "Sorry to squash the rumour but we haven't shot a #Sherlock Xmas special I'm afraid."

The official release date of the mystery-drama series has not been announced by BBC. However, the network did state that "Post-production will still be on-going for Sherlock until way into November," suggesting that the series will not official release until the beginning of next year.

Although post-production is yet to be completed, filming for the third series wrapped up on Sep. 1, 2013. Producer Sue Vertue tweeted a photo of the season's final clapboard with the caption, "It's a wrap for season 3."

Until post-production is complete, the air dates will not be announced for both BBC in the United Kingdom and PBS in the United States.

Vertue also dampened previous rumors of a January 1, 2014 air date. She tweeted in August: "Not sure where #Sherlock latest rumoured tx date of 01/14 has come from. Not from me as tx date is not yet confirmed."

Although Vertue's comment seemed to debunk the rumors of a Jan. 1 premiere date, a careful look at exactly what she said reveals that she did not specifically exclude that date. She simply stated that she had no idea where that date had begun circulating from, and confirmed that the precise premiere date had not yet been officially finalized.

The newest premiere rumors were in fact started when blogger "Blogtor Who," who writes about TV shows including "Doctor Who," "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures," tweeted the date, according to Dan of Geek.

On Aug. 21, he tweeted: "Sherlock Series 3 Ep 1 is set in November and will air on Jan 1, 2014."

The blogger also refused to back down after Vertue's comments, pointing out that she had not specifically stated that the Jan. 1 date was wrong.

"She didn't actually deny the date. *coughs* read her tweet!" he tweeted at a fan who brought up Vertue's post.

He later also messaged another fan: "*coughs* Note: she did *not* deny the date."