Sherlock Season 4 Release Date: Filming Starts 2015, Special Episode Also Coming

Fans of popular crime drama television show "Sherlock" have been waiting for the fourth season for months now with only an assurance that there will be a fourth season. No official airing date has been announced by the actors or the producers.

Filming for the next season is a difficult endeavor for both the actors and the producers because of the cast's busy schedule. Martin Freeman is juggling his roles in "The Hobbit" and FX channel's "Fargo" TV series.


Benedict Cumberbatch is tackling multiple movie projects as well as fighting rumors that he will be appearing in the new "Star Wars" film. Mark Gatiss is running the Iron Bank of Braavos in "Game of Thrones" and only recently finished filming a new "Frankenstein" movie.

Steve Moffat on the other hand is still involved in "Doctor Who" as the main showrunner.

The schedules of the actors aren't helping with the fourth season's release date since syncing up the schedules of the actors is a difficult endeavor. Freeman had said that there have been talks about the series releasing a one-off special bordering on a standalone movie, but plans for a fourth season have been discarded because of scheduling issues.

The actors had appeared during the BAFTA Television Awards two months ago and were asked if they were any closer to start producing the fourth season. Gatiss answered with a positive tune.

"I can officially tell you that we are moving closer to agreeing some dates to shoot. If that sounds like a party line, it is. That is proper progress because Ben and Martin and Steven are so busy, but actually trying to get everybody to interlock is … we have made significant progress," Gatiss said.

Despite giving a positive answer, neither Gatiss nor Moffat were willing to give out any details.

BBC announced that a full-length special episode of Sherlock will begin filming on 2015, with three episodes to be filmed later that year.