'Sherlock' Season 4 Spoilers: 'We're Going to Fully Account for Everything We've Done'

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(Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)Sherlock Season 3 trailer video.

Last night's season finale of hit drama "Sherlock" ended on a major cliffhanger. For what to expect when the show returns next season read on.

Executive producer Steven Moffat and the actress who plays Mary on the show, Amanda Abbington, recently discussed the next season of "Sherlock" with TV Guide. Moffat promised that all cliffhangers from the season finale will be answered.

"We're going to fully account for everything we've done, yes. There will be nothing left dangling," Moffat said.

Abbington spoke to whether or not her character would be returning next season.

"Yeah, Steven and Mark are sitting down furiously writing story lines. There's no reason why she shouldn't come back. I think she's part of the Sherlock family for the time being. I get that feeling from people who've seen it and watched it. They like that she's another dynamic. Mary's still pregnant with a baby girl. But you never know with Mark and Steven. Like they said that Moriarty was dead and yet at the end he's back," she said.

Moffat went on to disscuss whether or not Molly and Sherlock will continue to have intertwining plot lines next season.

"I think she's become quite an important part of the show. One of the difficulties in adapting Sherlock Holmes... [is that] there are no women in Sherlock Holmes, the original stories. You really don't have the female perspective on them. And they're slightly flat when they turn up. And yet, every time we bring a woman into Sherlock, it works hugely well," he explained.

"A female perspective on that friendship and on that man is incredibly telling, incredibly illuminating. So we've expanded hugely the part of Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) because she didn't speak in the original. And we brought Molly in," Moffat added.