Shia LaBeouf Gets Beat Up in Vancouver Bar Fight

A video of Shia LaBeouf has been released onto the Internet, which shows the star getting pummeled into the ground by an unidentified man in Vancouver last week.

According to TMZ the cause of the attack is unknown, but LaBeouf and the man were kicked out of Cinema Public House bar by security guards when they began to get rowdy.

Once outside the man tore his shirt off and began to senselessly beat LaBeouf.

The fight was broken up when a friend of the actor came running between the two shouting "Stop stop stop stop!"

LaBeouf was helped up and then pushed against a window by possibly another friend who told him, "You better lay low right now!"

Cinema Public House told TMZ no one on staff noticed the brawl, but did confirm the actor being there, saying he's been a regular at the bar because he is in town filming "The Company You Keep."

The actor is no stranger to fighting with reports of him fighting fellow actor Tom Hardy on the set of "Wettest County in the World."

LaBeouf and Hardy had a series of bad confrontations and after a bad joke the fight broke out.

The star said he grew tired of hearing Hardy and other co-star Jason Clarke boast about their cars and possessions. According to Details magazine LaBeouf said, "At this point I have enough money to live 25 lifetimes. You couldn't spend the money I've accrued now. I have no interest in the materialistic (expletive) money can buy."

Another altercation, which happened in February, involved LaBeouf being called an anti-gay slur at a bar in Los Angeles.

A man had asked the actor for an autograph to which he refused. The angry man made a comment towards LaBeouf when the heavily intoxicated star blew up and started chest bumping before being put into a headlock by a bouncer.