Shiri Appleby Welcomes Baby Girl: 'She's Heaven'

Shiri Appleby and fiancé Jon Shook have welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on Saturday. The couple didn't find out the sex of the baby until she was born, making it even more of a surprise.

"She's heaven," Appleby told Us Weekly. "I'm beyond thrilled." And finding out the baby's sex at birth "made the whole pregnancy a heightened excitement."

Appleby and Shook had been together five months before Appleby announced that she was pregnant.

"One second you're having lunch, the next you have a ring on your finger!" Appleby told the magazine in December, after announcing the engagement. Now the couple has a happy, healthy baby girl to take care of. And Shook is sure to be an attentive father, according to Appleby.

"When you see this guy going to all the doctor's appointments with you, and you tell him you're feeling a certain way, and two minutes later he's looked it up on the Internet to tell you that it's normal, you realize that you're really starting a family with somebody. There's no way to look at that person and not be more in love," Appleby said.

Both have been extremely busy throughout the pregnancy, with Appleby working on "Chicago Fire" where her character was also pregnant and "Girls." Appleby first gained attention when she appeared on "Roswell" and then continued to grow in popularity, appearing in several TV series and movies, as well as feature films like "Charlie Wilson's War."

The episode of "Girls" was extremely controversial for its intimate scenes featuring Appleby, and she also received criticism when nude photos were leaked online. All that hasn't deterred Appleby from enjoying the birth of her new baby girl, however.

"Congratulations in order! 'Girls' star welcomes baby, erm, girl" tweeted Glamour Magazine U.K.

"We're all really excited that your baby shook arrived. We wish you lots of joy and happiness for your new family," Lena @ tweeted.