Shocking Video Shows Cop Allegedly Kicking, Punching Daughter for Eating Carrots From Fridge; Teen Claims She Was Starved

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(Photo: Facebook/Jeremy Yachik)Colorado police officer Jeremy Yachik seen here in Halloween make-up is accused of child abuse.

A 35-year-old police officer from Loveland, Colo., accused of starving his teenage daughter and allegedly kicking and punching her on video for taking carrots from the family refrigerator has been arrested for child abuse.

Officer Jeremy Yachik was arrested last Wednesday morning on four counts of child abuse and one count of false imprisonment, according to MailOnline.

An arrest warrant cited in the MailOnline report said Yachik's 15-year-old daughter told officials from the Child Advocacy Center in Fort Collins that her father choked her until she blacked out.

She said she was also "force-fed hot sauce, bound with handcuffs and plastic zip ties, locked in rooms, punched and kicked, beaten with ropes and starved."

The abuse she claims has happened every day for the last several years. Officer Yachik has reportedly admitted to the abuse but said he did so only because his daughter would "not communicate" with him.

His ex-fiancée, Ashley Saint-Roberts, reportedly contacted his boss, Chief Glenn Johnson of the Berthoud Police Department, and several news agencies months ago with video evidence accusing him of the abuse, according to KDVR, but no action was taken.


Yachik allegedly called Saint-Roberts and told her: "'Nice try…trying to get me fired…it's not going to work"

Chief Johnson and Yachik were both suspended from the job after an investigation was launched into the allegations.

A copy of the video of Yachik's alleged abuse of his daughter shows a darkened figure of a man standing over her on the floor.

The man is heard on the video asking the girl: "You had what?"

She helplessly replies "carrots." The man then appears to hit the girl before responding: "exactly." He also appears to kick her.

The officer's daughter and his home have all been positively identified in the video.

Investigators reportedly found evidence of child abuse, including repaired drywall damage near a fireplace where Yachik's daughter said he once slammed her head.

The officer faces up-to 18 months in prison for each of the child abuse charges as well as another year for the false imprisonment charge.

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