Shooter Wears 'Killer' T-Shirt: TJ Lane Curses at Victims' Families, Given Life Sentences (VIDEO)

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(Photo: REUTERS/Ron Kuntz)Federal agents stand outside the residence of suspected gunman T.J. Lane, who allegedly shot one girl and four boys inside Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio February 27, 2012.

The Ohio school shooter has worn a "killer" T-Shirt for his court appearance on Tuesday morning, showing a complete lack of remorse for his killings.

T.J. Lane will now spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of three teenage students at an Ohio School.

However, despite the sentence Lane seemed to enjoy the courtroom attention and used the opportunity to make another scene and try to rattle the victims' families one last time.

Lane's counsel had advised him not to accept the opportunity to address the courtroom prior to hearing his fate. However, he decided not to listen to his legal advisors and used the chance to show clearly that he held no remorse for his actions.

Smirking Lane said, "F*** all of you," before turning to the victims' families and raising his middle finger at them.

Lane was convicted for the Feb. 27, 2012 murders of three students at Chardon High School, east of Cleveland.

At the time Lane was aged just 17 years old. It is reported that he entered the high school and opened fire on students, killing Daniel Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin, both 16, and Russell King Jr., 17. It was also reported that three other students were wounded in the shooting attack.

In his court case Lane pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder, as well as two counts of attempted aggravated murder and one count of felonious assault.

He was sentenced to three life sentences with no possibility of parole.

According to legal analysts, Lane would have highly likely received the death penalty for his crimes if he had not been at juvenile age at the time of the killings.

Here is a video of T.J. Lane in court at his sentencing hearing (WARNING: Viewer discretion advised):