Shooting in Line for LeBron Shoe: Customer Shoots Robber, Gets Back in Line (VIDEO)

A man attempting to rob a group of people standing in line for the new, $180 LeBron James sneakers, was shot and killed in Atlanta after one customer pulled out a gun.

Despite an attempted robbery, customers were not deterred from standing in line on Saturday morning in anticipation of a new pair of LeBron X EXT sneakers. An unidentified man approached a group of mostly men outside of a shoe store in Five Points, and attempted to rob the line. A second man however, who was standing in line, moved away from his spot and fired several shots at the attempted robber before returning to his place in line.

Wounded, the robber attempted to get away before collapsing just feet away from the line. He died at around 5:30 am the Daily News reported. It appears that the suspect, who was also armed in video surveillance footage, had then intention of robbing multiple people in line. Police have not yet released the name of the robber.

"(The suspect) wanted to pick-pocket everybody. But people out here, they weren't going for none of that," customer Taylor White said in an interview with WSB-TV. "I didn't even expect him to come up here, thinking it was that sweet; Thinking it's that candy land like that."

The incident did not deter eager customers from the store. A line continued to form until noon, when the sneaker was released. Within two hours, the sneaker was sold out according to the Daily. LeBron promoted the newly released Denim sneakers during his teams run at the NBA playoffs. The man who fired at the robber was not arrested.

 "A number of witnesses were interviewed and this appears to be self-defense. At this time no charges have been filed and the investigation continues," Atlanta police officer John Chafee told WSB.