Shooting in Phoenix: Multiple People Injured After Gunman Opens Fire in Office Complex

Multiple people have reportedly been injured in a shooting which took place Wednesday morning at an office complex in north-central Phoenix, Ariz.

According to local authorities, an altercation took place at 10:30 a.m. local time at the 7310 block of 16th Street, near Glendale Avenue, when a suspect, who remains unidentified to the public, walked into an office complex and began shooting at people.

The total number of victims injured in the shooting remains unknown, although The Arizona Republic reports that at least six have been injured.

Police are currently looking for the suspect, employing the help of K-9 units to search the surrounding area.

Although the suspect's motive remains unknown, Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department told The Arizona Republic that authorities believe the shooting incident is not a random act. "At this point we don't believe he is in the area," Thompson told the news source.

 "This doesn't appear to be a random type of incident," Thompson added.

According to CBS affiliate KPHO, police have surrounded the home of the alleged suspect, who reportedly lives in Phoenix's northeast Valley near 29th Street.

The local news station reports that the suspect is reportedly married, and police are now in the process of tracking down his wife and interviewing his adult son.

Witnesses present in the business complex reported hearing multiple rounds fired when the suspect entered the building.

This morning's shooting was announced during a Senate gun control hearing by Mark Kelly, husband of Gabrielle Giffords, who suffered brain damage after being the victim of a shooting near Tucson in 2011.

"While we were having this hearing, and we certainly don't know the details, but in Phoenix, Ariz., there is another shooting with multiple victims. It doesn't seem like anybody's been killed but the initial reports are three people injured in Phoenix, Ariz., with multiple shots fired, and there are 50 police cars on the scene," Kelly told those in attendance at the gun control hearing, which took place on Capitol Hill.

There are no reports of death at the Phoenix office shooting at this time.