Si Robertson Tells A&E Director: The Lord Almighty Is Directing 'Duck Dynasty'

Si Robertson, one of the stars of the hit television show "Duck Dynasty," recently said that he believes the "Lord Almighty" is directing his family's reality show, rather than the A&E network.

Si, known on the show as the Robertson family's quirky uncle, made his comments to FOX411 when discussing the filming for the show's season six, set to premiere this Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. The cast member explained that sometimes the plot of "Duck Dynasty" doesn't always go as planned, especially since it is a reality show filmed in the swamps of Louisiana.

"We was doing a film one day about hunting for the beaver dam, and I said, I laughed at the director, said 'you actually think you're directing this thing? The Lord God Mighty is directing 'Duck Dynasty,'" Si said in the recent interview.

A press release announcing "Duck Dynasty" season six mentioned that patriarch Phil Robertson's obsession with eradicating a beaver dam on the Robertson property in West Monroe would be a major plot point for the season.

"Phil is more tangled in the never-ending battle with the beavers on his land than the family's multi-million dollar duck call business. Meanwhile, boss Willie is trying to keep everything afloat while managing brother Jase's deadpan humor alongside Uncle Si's backwoods philosophies," the A&E press release from May read, in part.

Many members of the Robertson family have attributed their reality show's success to God. Korie Robertson and husband Willie, CEO of the family's Duck Commander business, previously told FOX411 that they are not ashamed to be religious people, saying that their faith is what sustains them in life.

"God and our faith is what sustains us," Korie told FOX411 in May. "It's what makes our life good."

Alan Robertson, also known as the "beardless brother" on the show for his lack of facial hair, has also attributed the family brand's success to God. "We really do believe God has raised us up," Alan said at a Salvation Army event in Pearl, Mississippi, in April, adding that his family's goal is to "[reach] out and [tell] people about the good news about Jesus."

The A&E network has promised that season six of "Duck Dynasty" will including the classic Robertson family antics that have contributed to the show's popularity in past seasons. The season six premiere will also reportedly feature a guest appearance from La. Gov. Bobby Jindal, who awarded Willie Robertson with the inaugural Governor's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence earlier in 2014.