Sick, Neglected Pit Bull Rescued and Makes Amazing Recovery - See His Dramatic Transformation (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Bill FoundationDog/YouTube)

Annie Hart got a call that a dog was living in an abandoned lot. As executive director of Bill Foundation, an animal rescue group on Los Angeles, she and friend Lisa Arturo got to work. They found a pit bull hunched over in the middle of the trash-filled lot.

As Hart and Arturo tossed food to the dog, he ate some but then ran off to a nearby house. As the two got closer to win his trust, he trembled in fear. They eventually were able to slip on a leash on and lead him away. At Animal Wellness Center, the dog, named Gideon, was found to be covered in bacterial and fungal infections. The infections were so contagious that the pit bull had to be quarantined.

But under the team's care, Gideon's body overcame the infections. More importantly, his spirit did, too. As we see in this video from Bill Foundation, the sick and lonely dog has transformed into a happy, loving pooch ready for a home.

H/T: Huffington Post