Sidonie Fery Message-in-a-Bottle: Uplifting Quote Found After Girl's Tragic Death in 2010

A decade old message-in-a-bottle written by a young girl whose life was taken tragically, was discovered by Hurricane Sandy rescue workers and returned to the girl's mother.

"Be excellent to yourself," the message, captured in a well-preserved ginger ale bottle, read. It was written by a 10-year-old Sidonie Fery, who was visiting family friends in Patchogue at the time.

Fery died tragically in 2010. Her body was discovered at the bottom of a cliff in Switzerland when she was only 18. Fery was attending the prestigious Leysin American School at the time. The incident was ruled an accident after an alcohol fueled party. The body of 17-year-old Mehdi Berrada was also found at the bottom of the cliff.

A Hurricane Sandy clean up crew in Long Island discovered the message-in-a-bottle in December. It was returned to Fery's mother who was much in need of the comforting words from her daughter.

"I think it's a message of human kindness," mom Mimi Fery told the Daily News. On Saturday a ceremony will be held in Long Island to commemorate Sidonie and her uplifting message with a plaque.

"To find a glass bottle, totally undisturbed, under all of that was unbelievable," Maria Giustizia, director of Suffolk County Parks and Recreation, told the Daily News. "She was saying, 'Mom, I'm here.' "

The quote was copied from Sidonie's favorite movie, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Rescue workers were led to Sidonie's parent with a number that was also left on the note.

"If found please call…" the note read, offering the number to a midtown apartment where her parents still live. Ms. Fery explained that retrieving the bottle from workers was an emotional experience.

"I was sobbing, sobbing, sobbing," she recalled. "I told him my daughter died. I said, 'I want to come pick up the bottle.' "

"They were so kind," she added.