Signs4Wonders Spreads the Gospel With Creative Phrases

A Florida-based company is looking to compel nonbelievers to follow Christ by creating Christian-themed signs telling them to fear God.

The company, Signs4Wonders, saw a recent study held by The Pew Forum, a national non-profit organization, found that nearly one in four Americans say they no longer believe in God. They now hope to help change the world's culture and instill Christian values with their message.

"We offer a variety of unique and impressionable signs, many of which are designed to make people fear God and depart from evil," Aurellius Jordan, product developer for Signs4Wonders, told Christian Newswire.

"These signs are created to capture biblical truths and inspire wonder about God, hence the name Signs 4 Wonders," Jordan continued. "The vision for Signs 4 Wonders is not only to have patrons place these signs on the insides and outsides of churches, homes and businesses, but especially 'In The Way' of persons whose paths tend to lead them 'Out of The Way' of God's redemptive word."

The company displayed a few signs at Christian tradeshows, and watched as passersby smiled and had some sort of reaction to the words.

Signs4Wonders also offers other products such as stickers, decals and sundry in different themes and sizes which can be used year round.

Some of the signs read, "Notice: Divine Property No Transgressing!" "Trespassers: Beware of God," "Caution: Sin is Flammable," and "If You Must Follow, Follow Me to Christ."

The company's website offers all of their products along with chances to partner with them.