Simpons Addresses American Shariah Law Fears

Fox TV’s “The Simpsons” does not shy away from much, and the most recent holiday episode brought attention to the growing fear of Shariah law.

In the futuristic episode, Lisa is married to Millhouse, who needs a respite from the Christmas festivities. Lisa suggests Millhouse go to Michigan, which is under Shariah law.

“The problem,” Millhouse says, “is that they always make me wear a niqab.”

Michigan is actually home to the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East, according to reports. TLC’s “All-American Muslim” is set in the state. “All-American Muslim” has recently come under fire, with many corporations withdrawing their ads in protest.

Shariah law is practiced mainly in the Middle East and has numerous critics. The law is embedded in many Islamic cultures and often makes the news due to its violent punishments.

The Egyptian elections have brought a renewed sense of fear to the world, analysts say. The Muslim Brotherhood, which won a majority of the votes, says it does not practice Shariah law, but the Salafi al-Nour party, which came in second, does and has threatened to enact the law should it win power.

In the United States, several states have proposed laws banning the practice of Shariah law. The 2012 presidential candidates brought up the subject of Shariah law earlier this year, but have since dropped the topic.