Simpsons Marathon Record Attempt for 500th Episode

Fans of “The Simpsons” have an opportunity to help the show break a world record. The show will reach a milestone of 500 episodes on Sunday Feb. 19.

Fox TV is planning an “Ultimate Fan Marathon Challenge” in Los Angeles, which they hope will bring fans of the show together to compete for $10,500. Contestants will attempt to watch 500 continuous episodes of “The Simpsons,” and the one who remains the longest will win the prize.

“The Simpsons” premiered in 1989 and is currently in its 23rd season, with no signs of slowing down. It is the longest-running American and animated program; the show has also won 27 Primetime Emmy Awards and the Peabody Award. “The Simpsons” was even given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The show centers on the everyday experiences of the Simpson family: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and baby Maggie. Guest stars have provided the voices for a multitude of characters and have ranged from Michael Cera to Glenn Close, who voices Homer’s mom.

“The Simpsons” has not been without controversy; it often pokes fun at political and religious entities. Several papers and books have been written about the satirical nature of the show. One such article by Tom Kisken, “The Gospel of Homer,” notes: “The show always is kind to people of true faith, but people who build their religion on words and not feelings are treated less kindly.”

See what happens when Homer sells his soul for a doughnut in this video: