Sinkhole Disney World (PHOTOS): Florida Summer Bay Resort Reopens as Sinkhole Stops Growing (VIDEO IMAGES)

A sinkhole near Disney World in Florida has stopped growing, according to reports, leading a Disney World resort called Summer Bay to announce that it is reopening.

(Photo: YouTube/Newnewsinworld Screen Shot)A sinkhole near Disney World has stopped growing.

The massive sinkhole near Disney World has stunned the country, and sent residents staying in the area fleeing for their lives.

One eye witness has said, "All of us were like deer in headlights. You don't see a building every day twisting around like it was in a vortex and coming down around you, and seeing the room you would have slept in with three toddlers sink 50 feet into the ground and then two floors collapsing on top of them."

An entire hotel with 24 units was completely destroyed by the sinkhole, and reports claim that residents staying there only had about 10 to 15 minutes to evacuate before the building collapsed.

Two neighboring buildings were also evacuated as the sinkhole continued to expand in the hours after the initial collapse, and there were serious concerns about the structural integrity of the buildings in the close vicinity of the sinkhole.

The sinkhole has sparked a wave of cancellations at the Summer Bay resort near Disney World. However, recently Disney World executives have reported that the sinkhole does not appear to be growing any larger now, and they are trying to entice visitors back by reassuring them it safe.

About 4,500 scheduled guests have been asked not to worry about visiting the resort and have been told that it is now safe to return to Summer Bay. The resort has said that "there's no reason to believe that it's going to expand or it's going to grow," according to The Inquisitr.

Some experts have also reassured that such sinkholes in the area are extremely rare. The area is built on a foundation of limestone, but sometimes underground rivers can slowly eat away at the bedrock and cause sudden collapses in the ground above, creating sinkholes.

Here is a video showing raw footage of the Disney World sinkhole: