Sisters Widowed on Same Day When Husbands Drown in Accident - See Their Inspiring Story of Faith (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Heather Gillion and Holly Snell/Vimeo)

In the summer of 1999, life was full of hope and promise for sisters Heather Gilion and Holly Snell. Heather had just married James Brill, her sweetheart at Southwest Baptist University. Holly and husband Scott Nesbitt happily raised their baby girl Emma. But in October, their father contracted pneumonia and suddenly passed away.

The next summer was about new beginnings. Heather and James had graduated and moved to Vermont to help Holly and Scott at their new Christian adventure camp for troubled inner city youth.

On August 1, 2000, Scott and James went out on a canoe trip to find a route safe enough for campers. As the day went on, the sisters didn't hear back from their husbands and began to worry. The next day, they received news that Scott and James' bodies had been found in a part of the Lamoille River known for rapids and strong eddies. It had recently rained, and it's believed that Scott slipped on the rocks, as evident from a gash on his head, and fell in. James went in after him.

The sisters responded differently to this unspeakable tragedy. Holly found comfort in God's love. Heather raged at him, though she eventually found his love to be undeniable. They both drew closer to God and now tell their story as a testament to his faithfulness. In this trailer for their book "Dancing On My Ashes," Heather and Holly share their testimony.