Site Offers 'Spider-Man 3' Bible Study Guides

Spider-Man 3, which just made box-office history by bringing in the most viewers for an opening weekend, can now add on to spiritual enlightenment thanks to a faith-based website., a website that aids pastors in "spicing up" their sermons, is now offering movie clips, sermon illustrations, and sermon guides all based off the new popular comic book sequel.

"Half of Aunt May's advice is good, but the other half – though well-meant and widely believed – is wrong," explains one supplementary comment to a scene in the movie. "When we do wrong to others, when we sin against them, our responsibility is not to forgive ourselves, but to seek forgiveness from them and try to make right what we have done wrong. It may not be the pop-psychology way, but it is God's way."

Visitors to the site can view clips directly from the movie, several which can be applied to a sermon. The audience can then relate how the characters act and how a religious perspective would view their response.

Spider-Man 3 is just one of many films that offers extra material for.

The website was created to help pastors and Christian communicators have more relevant substance inside of their lectures. The creators also wanted to help sermons become more creative and catch the interest of their listeners.

The group now boasts a searchable library where buyers can download Christian media, whether it be from production companies or independent producers.

"We wish to help the Church communicate Christ's eternal truths in a creative and relevant way," explains a description of the site.

In its opening weekend, Spider-Man 3 raked in $151.1 million domestically and $382 million worldwide. This equates to 22.5 million people in its first three days, based on an average ticket price of $6.70 estimated by box-office tracker Media By Numbers.

The previous record-holder was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

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