Six Christians Playing in Super Bowl LI

(Photo: Reuters/ USA TODAY Sports/Kirby Lee)The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots face-off during Super Bowl LI.

For some NFL stars making their way to Super Bowl LI, a faith in Jesus Christ will be accompanying them on the quest for a championship ring.

The Christian Post has rounded up six NFL players from both the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots whose foci remain on God as much as their high-profile career.

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    (Photo: screen grab)Vic Beasley Jr. is a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons.

    Vic Beasley Jr., 24, Atlanta Falcons Outside Linebacker

Vic Beasley Jr. has been rooted in his faith since childhood which is evident from his consistent Bible study attendance as an adult.

"My grandparents made it clear to me that we were going to be in church on Sundays and Bible study on Wednesdays," Beasley's childhood friend, Nigel Curtis, said, according to the Marietta Daily Journal . "Vic will tell you himself, everything that's happened in his life, he knows for a fact that he wouldn't be able to accomplish the things he's accomplished if it wasn't for Jesus Christ."

2. Jacob Tamme, 31, Atlanta Falcons Tight End 

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Reuters/USA TODAY Sports Dale ZanineAtlanta Falcons tight end Jacob Tamme (83) runs past Washington Redskins free safety Dashon Goldson (38) after a catch during the first quarter at the Georgia Dome.

For years, Jacob Tamme has made it clear that he plays for more than just the accolades that come along with a professional football career. Tamme is playing to give God glory.

In a 2013 interview with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the tight end spoke about how he brings Jesus into his game.

"Praying that I would play in the fullness of His Spirit and with the goal of bringing Him glory," Tamme told FCA in an interview where he also shared his favorite scripture. "Romans 8:28. It is an incredible promise and healthy to refer to and meditate on during times when we don't feel like things are going our way."

3. Julio Jones,27, Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver 

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(Photo: Reuters/ USA Today Sports)Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones during Super Bowl LI Opening Night at Minute Maid Park on January 31, 2017.

Aside from identifying himself as a "young Christian man" on social media, Julio Jones has taken time off of the field to encourage believers in need. After the killing of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, at the hands of a lone gunman in 2015, Jones made it his mission to offer support.

Jones explained why he wanted to encourage those who were youth members of the church.

"It was kind of a national experience that everybody went through, in their own kind of way," he previously said in an ESPN report. "This could have happened anywhere. I look at it like it could have happened back home in Alabama. You just have to show people that you support them and you're here for them."

4. Matt Slater, 31, New England Patriots Wide Receiver 

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(Photo: Screen grab)Matthew Slater is a wide receiver and special teams player for the New England Patriots.

Even with his demanding football schedule Matt Slater has made reading his Bible a priority.

Slater previously explained the importance of implementing God's word in his everyday life.

"It's so hard to navigate the course of the day without looking into God's word...," Slater said in a video for the YouVersion Bible app. "It makes me feel better about the direction of my day and how I interact with people throughout the course of the day."

One week before Super Bowl LI, Slater's NFL peers voted for him to receive the Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award for his exemplary character off the football field. After watching his NFL Hall of Famer father Jackie Slater receive the same honor, Matt glorified God.

"It was really emotional for me," Slater said in an ESPN report. "I really value the human element of football. I really value the relationships I've made with people over the years. All that stems from the faith I have in God and the way I was raised by my parents."

5. Nate Solder, 28, New England Patriots Offensive Tackle

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(Photo: Reuters/ Suzanne Plunkett)New England Patriots OT Nate Solder (L) celebrates teammate Brandon Lloyd (R) touchdown.

More than facing challenges on the football field, Nate Solder has had to fight for his family with faith after watching his 6-month-old son get diagnosed with a tumor in 2015. While Solder told ABC affiliate WCVB that his son was doing better, he insisted that his faith in Jesus Christ carried their family through their struggles.

"It wasn't me," Solder said. "We were carried through by our family, our community, our faith in Christ."

While Solder takes his career seriously, he also realizes that there are more important things in life than winning Super Bowl rings.

"This whole year has been a perspective shift for us, and if you'd see some of the families, what they're struggling with at the Jimmy Fund and Boston Children's Hospital, and some of the tough circumstances that people are put in, you would realize that this is a great game," he said. "We're so fortunate to get to play it, but it is not the end of the world."

 6. Devin McCourty, 29, New England Patriots Safety 

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(Photo: Devin McCourty Instagram)Devin McCourty plays safety for the New England Patriots.

For Devin McCourty, his faith in God defines him more than his performance on the field.

"Striving to be rooted in God's Word and my Christian faith gives me a great foundation to lean on daily. Playing in the NFL or in a Super Bowl shouldn't define a person," he said in a previous Baptist Press report. "I don't really think anything in this game we do defines who we are as people. It's a blessing, it's a great opportunity ... to take advantage of the opportunity but still know who you are as a person."

When numerous people on his team were up in arms about President Donald Trump being elected into office, McCourty urged people to pray.

"I think just talking to our chaplain, he said it best. We just have to pray for the leadership of our country whether you agree with it, disagree with it," he said in a Patriots press conference last November.  "You pray for the leadership and you believe there's a way everything will be all right. Pray on it and hope everything works out well and believe in God.''