Six-Foot Lizard on Loose in Colorado; Residents Warned About Leaving Small Kids Outside

A six foot lizard is on the loose in Colorado, sparking a wave of panic among residents. The news of the giant lizard was actually broken to residents by police as they contacted locals by phone to warn them to be on alert for the massive reptile, according to KKTV.

The lizard is actually owned by a local resident called Greg, who confirmed that the six foot lizard's name is actually "Dino." The loving owner doted over the lizard, saying that he was part of the family, and that he had lived with them for five years now prior to his escape.

The six foot lizard is in fact a Nile Monitor Lizard, which is known to be able to eat other reasonably sized animals, such as household pets.

As the news broke from the police phone calls, local residents quickly located their cats and dogs and tried to remain calm at the report that their pets could be eaten alive by the huge lizard.

Further panic and concern has spread after residents also found out that the lizard could even devour small children if left unattended and vulnerable. Residents in Colorado are being told to be cautious in leaving their small children outside, as they simply do not know what the six foot lizard will do.

Greg has however tried to play down the ferocity of his pet Dino, and has explained that "even though they are strong, they look mean, they look aggressive, (but Dino) is not an aggressive animal."

Dino's family meanwhile have made a plea for residents to help them get their pet back, and local residents have been asked to call (719) 687 9652 if they spot the giant lizard.