Sixpence Sells for $430K After Being Found in Potato Field

A Sixpence has sold for $430K at auction stunning its owner. The coin in question was a silver Colonial Massachusetts coin from 1652.

Amazingly the coin was found in a potato field, before it was auctioned off – fetching an amazing $430,000 from the highest bidder.

The coin was apparently found in the potato field about 23 years ago by an East Hampton, N.Y woman who was searching the land with a metal detector, according to Newsday.

The silver Colonial Massachusetts coin stunned auction officials, who had expected the coin to go for about $100,000 – meaning the coin went for about four times the price they originally had predicted.

The coin, which was in fact sold last week at the Colonial Coin Collectors Club in Baltimore, is only one of eight known to exist in the world by collectors.

The coin was actually first auctioned back in 1992 by Lillian King, and was sold off to an auction house for the sum of $35,200. The coin was then auctioned off to a man, and it is that man that re-auctioned the coin last week for the massive profit of nearly a half million dollars.

According to Newsday King has since said that she now wishes she had waited to sell the coin.