Skeletal Remains in Corning: Female Body Buried Since Late 1970's Found With Clothes (VIDEO)

Police are working to confirm the identity of human remains discovered buried in Corning, California.

Police discovered the human remains of a female body in Tehama County on Saturday after being tipped off by an unnamed person. The remains still had some pieces of clothing attach, but are believed to have been there since the late 1970's.

The remains were discovered buried near a residence in the 23000 block of Loleta Avenue, according to KRCR News. A police team, with the help of forensic anthropologists from Chico State, worked to dig up the remains for over 15 hours on Saturday.

"The ground is very hard, very compact, the students and professors likened it to concrete and it took approximately 15 hours for the excavation," Detective Rob Brinton, with the Tehama County Sheriff's Office, told the local station.

Brinton confirmed that an investigation into the possible remains had been going on for at least four months. The person who offered the tip was not anonymous, but police are unwilling at this time, to identify the name of the tipster.

"We received a tip that human remains could be found at that location," sheriff's Lt. Dave Greer told the Colusa County Sun Herald. "We conducted a search and found what appears to be the skeleton of female adult buried on the property.

Other "artifacts" were also attached to the body Greer said although "the remains did not appear to have been encased in anything before it was buried."

Police believe they know the identity of the female victim but will not release any names until DNA tests can be confirmed.

"We also don't want to release the name of the missing person until we have confirmed whether or not the remains are identified as that person," Greer said. "If it is the remains of the woman reported missing, the discovery will provide closure for the family."