Sky Harbor Joins Stryper Tour

New meets legendary as rock group Sky Harbor opened for Stryper’s 2003 Reunion Tour on November 1 in Austin, Texas. Sky Harbor will also appear for 5 of Stryper’s tour dates.

“We were flabbergasted when we heard we were on for the Stryper tour,” said Sky Harbor’s front man Garth Bostic. “It’s an honor to be playing with a Christian band that rocked the decade we were born, and paved the way for other bands who want to reach kids with the gospel.”

Sky Harbor recently released their debut record Who Would Have Guessed on Sept. 2, featuring 10 songs which the band wrote. The band’s single In Stereo will also be included alongside with hits from Newsboys and Plus One in Festival Con Dios: Volume 3.

The Sky Harbor continues to plant their presence among thecrowds as they join Stryper following their performance in the 2003 “Festival Con Dios” Tour.

Sky Harbor performs with Stryper tour on the following dates and venues:

Nov 1- Austin, TX/ The Back Room
Nov 2-Fort Worth, TX/Ridglea Theater
Nov 3-McAllen, TX/La Villa Real
Nov 4-Houston, TX/The Engine Room
Nov 6-Nashville, TN/Rocketown

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