'Skyrim Special Edition' Update 1.3 for PS4, PC Launches: Makes Slow Time Effects Function Properly

Players still looking for even more fixes to be applied to 'Skyrim Special Edition'

Update 1.3 is now live and ready to download for PC and PlayStation 4 players, and it contains some gameplay fixes, including ones that specifically address Slow Time effects.

BethesdaUpdate 1.3 now available for PC and PS4 versions of 'Skyrim Special Edition'

In a recent post on Bethesda.net, developers revealed that Update 1.3 should help ensure that Slow Time effects will now work as originally intended inside the open world role-playing game, which is very important.

Certain character types inside the game need to have these Slow Time effects to work as intended or else they may find themselves in situations surrounded by enemies with no clear way out of their conundrum.

Aside from ensuring Slow Time effects will work as they should, Update 1.3 also gets rid of an issue that could previously prevent players from logging into their Bethesda.net accounts.

Stability and performance enhancements are also included in the latest "Skyrim Special Edition" update.

Notably, while the new update does get rid of some lingering issues that have presented problems to players before, there are still some of them remaining in the game that some fans really want to have eliminated.

Over on Twitter, some players have voiced out concerns about some quest bugs that could prevent further progression and thus lead to them remaining unresolved.

Beyond that, it appears that some players are also dealing with the problematic "0KB bug" that can produce problems when it comes to creating save files. Obviously, with a game as massive as "Skyrim," players will need to have the save function working properly at all times, or else they may have to risk losing hours and hours of progress if they cannot save their game when they want to.

It's unclear exactly when those other issues players brought up will be addressed, so they will just have to stay tuned for any new developments with regards to future updates coming to "Skyrim Special Edition."