Slow Progress on the Christian Path

The pastor of a multisite megachurch based in Texas hopes to show Christians what "maturing in Christ" looks like, by way of a recently published book.

Matt Chandler, who is the pastor at the Village Church and president of the Acts 29 Network for church planters, had his latest book To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain released earlier this month.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Chandler explained the reasons for writing the book, that focuses on Paul of Tarsus' Epistle to the Church in Philippi.

"I just kind of felt a burden to lay out and in front of as many people as I could a picture of what maturing in Christ looks like," said Chandler. "I think there are those that think they are mature and aren't and I think there are those that are on the path and feel a bit beat up by how slowly they're moving."