Small Traces of Alcohol Found in Chester Bennington's System at the Time of His Death, Autopsy Report Reveals

Reuters/Mario AnzuoniLead vocalist of rock band Linkin Park Chester Bennington shows his hand covered in cement as the band is inducted into Guitar Center's RockWalk in Los Angeles, California.

There's a new development in the investigation into Chester Bennington's death months after his suicide.

An autopsy report has revealed that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington had a small amount of alcohol in his system at the time of his death back in July. According to the report, the singer had not been under the influence of drugs at the time. Furthermore, the late singer had also tested "presumptive positive" for ecstasy on a single test. However, the following two urinary tests failed to detect the drug in the Bennington's system which concluded that the singer was not under the influence of the drug when he died.

The autopsy report had also revealed that the officer who had found the singer's body had also found a prescription bottle of Zolpidem, which is a generic term for Ambien, with one pill cut in half. The officer had also found an empty bottle of Stella Artois and a pint glass of Corona.

A journal with a biography had also been found, but there was no suicide note. Fingernails had also been found underneath Bennington's iPhone, which, his wife, Talinda, admitted to be a habit of his when he is anxious. Talinda had also reported to the authorities that Bennington had suicidal tendencies when under the influence of alcohol and that there was an incident back in 2006 when he had left the house with a gun after consuming alcohol heavily.

Bennington died on July 20, 2017 of suicide by hanging, and his body was found by his housekeeper who immediately called 911. His family at the time was on vacation in Arizona where Bennington himself had just flown in from prior to his death.

Before his death, the singer had indicated in his will funds that will cover travel expenses for his children when they want to see each other, revealing his desire for them to keep in touch and become closer after his passing.

"I request that my children's mothers or guardians encourage and allow my children to visit with one another and with my extended family and the extended family of my spouse on a regular and ongoing basis, so that my children know that they have a large and loving family," the singer wrote.