'Smash' Cancelled as NBC Struggles: 2 New Family Comedies to Take Its Place

The NBC network will attempt a major overhaul in an attempt to pick up low ratings. Changes include a cancellation to numerous shows, including the once hopeful musical "Smash."

A one-of-a-kind musical that targeted adult audiences, "Smash" was considered a potential hit when it first debuted last year. But after suffering low ratings from a disappointing season, the musical featuring former "American Idol" singer Katherine McPhee will be cancelled.

"Smash" is just one of a handful of shows that have been cancelled by NBC. Other cancelled shows include: "Rock Center," the Matthew Perry comedy "Go On," "The New Normal," ''Up All Night," ''Guys With Kids," ''1600 Penn" and "Whitney."

"Smash" was off the air for nine months before returning for a second season. But from its debut night, ratings were low and failed to ever pick up. Season two kicked off with 4.5 million viewers, according to the Huffington Post. During its 2012 "Pilot" episode, it received more than double that amount with over 11 million viewers.

One of the show's stars turned to Twitter to thank fans who tuned in.

"Thk u to everyone who watched Smash! Been an amazing ride. & thanks to @nbc 4 the opportunity 2 play a great gal such as Karen. So grateful," Mc Phee, who played Karen Carter, wrote.

NBC has suffered one of its lowest prime-time viewership ever over the past year. In weeks where CBS and Fox were scoring over seven million viewers, NBC was averaging about 3.5 million viewers, according to the Huffington Post. At one point, Spanish channel Univision also pulled ahead.

To improve ratings, the network has plans to introduce a more family-orientated night with two new comedies. Changes will also occur to NBC's more popular shows. "Chicago Fire" will be moved to Tuesday nights and "Revolution" will move from Monday to Wednesday night.