'SNL' Skit Imagines a Bible That's Not 'Boring' Portrayed by Birds (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Saturday Night Live/NBC)

In a commercial parody from this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live," a boy is reading Exodus 40:17–18 from the King James Bible to one of this friends. ("And it came to pass in the first month in the second year…that the tabernacle was reared up…")

The friend flees, maybe heading over to Johnny's – where they're reading "The Message" translation! – or, more likely, playing "Call of Duty."

The downtrodden boy complains that the Bible is "boring" to his parents. In return, Mom and Dad present him with a more interesting Scriptural option, the "Bird Bible," which contains photos of Biblical figures replaced by birds.

The parody hits full commercial stride as the family flips through scenes like The Last Supper, Moses crossing the Red Sea and David defeating Goliath. In the end, we discover the Bird Bible (New Avian Version?) only costs $800.

It's a comedy sketch that's steeped in awkwardness. And it's funny, too...right?

(Source: singleworkaholics.tumblr.com)

You be the judge.