Snooki and Kelly Ripa Question: 'I Never Poop, Ever' Says Ripa (VIDEO)

When caught off guard with questions during her appearance on the Kelly Ripa Show, "Jersey Shore" star Snooki threw the host a probing question of her own.

During her appearance on "Live!" Tuesday night, Snooki was caught off guard when she was confronted with footage of herself during her appearance on "Live!" in February. The footage revealed Snooki stating that she was not pregnant despite the fact that she was at the time.

"I'm a good liar," Snooki responded with a smirk before explaining that she avoided making a public proclamation about her pregnancy until the first three months had passed and the health of her baby had been confirmed. To avoid being in the hot seat, however, the reality star quickly changed an awkward moment to an even more awkward one- this time for Kelly Ripa.

"Did you poop?" Snooki asked, inferring about Ripa's birthing process. If the star was eager to prove that it's not always great to be questioned about personal details that you would rather not be made public, her mission was accomplished. Ripa was speechless for a moment, her eyes grew wide, and her jaw dropped.

"NO! and I-" she blurted out, throwing her hand out and nearly jumping out of her seat. Ripa, who has three children of her own, would be in a position to know. The show host and former daytime actress wasn't afraid to tell a little white lie of her own at that point.

"No, I never pooped and I have never pooped EVER!" she exclaimed.

"Ever?" co-host Josh Groban reiterated speculatively.

The question reflected a common fear of many first time mothers who have been told that pushing a baby out requires the use of the same muscles that other private business does. Is it true?

"It happens," a nurse friend of Stefania Butler admitted on ParentDish. "It will be cleaned up within seconds. No one will ever make mention of it."

Looks like what happens in the labor room, stays in the labor room.