Snooki Pregnant: Will She be a Good Mom?

Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki, is in fact pregnant, and many are wondering if she has what it takes to be a good mom.

Snooki has a history of bad-decision making and excessive drinking and partying. Her very first appearance on MTV was an episode of "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" a show that featured women dating obnoxious men. She was such a sensation and ended up being signed to the now infamous show, "Jersey Shore."

It's hard for people to take her seriously, though, as a result of her outlandish behavior. As an example, the Snooki costume was one of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2010.

She has also had a problem with authority and the law, having been arrested for disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and criminal annoyance; she later settled for a $500 fine and community service.

Snooki has said that she "definitely" wants children but "being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I'm not" on "Good Morning America."

She is currently filming a spin-off series with friend Jenni "JWoww" Farley in New Jersey. MTV told People: "Nicole and Jenni began filming last week and moved into their new digs with animal print furniture in tow."

One may wonder if a child is enough to make her stop drinking and partying; being on a new MTV show may not help matters.

MTV is known for encouraging its stars to act out and putting them in questionable situations.

The "Jersey Shore" cast has faced much criticism for its excessive sexual content, drinking and living in filth. Who can forget the episode dedicated exclusively to cleaning the house? Ratings will be crucial to Snooki's new show, and many may turn in to see how she handles the pregnancy.

Washington Post writer Jen Chaney noted, "Although Snooki may not have chosen to enter mommyhood for career reasons, it is fortuitous that this is happening at a moment when 'Jersey Shore' has faced rating problems as well as the growing sense that its days of pop cultural relevancy may be numbered."

It seems as though most people don't feel she can completely give up the lifestyle she is currently accompanied. After all, this is the same woman who publicly urinated on TV. Then again, we've seen other personalities like Nicole Richie settle down after announcing a pregnancy. Who's to say that it can't happen for Snooki?