Snooki Pushes Beer-Filled Stroller, Practice for Baby? (PHOTO)

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was recently photographed using a stroller to transport a large case of beer around Seaside Heights, N.J.

The bizarre scene, which was reportedly filmed on Monday for season six of the MTV reality TV show "Jersey Shore," featured the pregnant 24-year-old using the stroller to haul around beer along with bottles of soda, according to the New York Daily News.

Snooki, who is said to be in her third trimester of pregnancy, joined her MTV castmates for a boozy beachside barbeque and bonfire.

Critics applauded the reality TV star, who is engaged to the father of her unborn child Jionni LaValle, for opting to wear more comfortable footwear during the late stages of her pregnancy.

Snooki received widespread backlash recently after she tripped and fell in public while wearing exceptionally high platform wedge shoes.

She was photographed while walking to a store in June before she fell to her knees and quickly sprung back up before laughing off the entire incident, according to The Daily Mail.

Although Snooki appeared to be unharmed, outraged readers of the DM immediately voiced their concerns via the comments section, with some critics even accusing her of compromising the safety of her unborn child for fashion.

"What dumb shoes to be wearing when expecting," Sarah said.

"For god sake when will these pregnant women realize there putting there unborn baby at risk wearing these ridiculous heels," one reader with the username Kasey wrote.

"I personally wouldn't take such risks with my unborn baby, it just isn't worth it and I couldn't live with the guilt if God forbid anything did happen," another reader with the username LIBERTY explained.

The backlash appears to have altered Snooki's stance on wearing heels while pregnant, and some fans expect that she will now stick to wearing flat footwear until her baby is born.