Snoop Dogg Rewrites 'Drop It Like It's Hot' to Sell Hot Pockets (VIDEO)

Snoop Dogg, the rapper famous for his 2004 track "Drop It Like It's Hot," has rewritten the popular song to sell Hot Pockets. The Long Beach emcee's promotional video also featured rappers DeStorm Power and comedian Andy Milonakis.

Snoop Dogg's song "Pocket Like It's Hot" is a far cry from the original rap song, which showcased the rapper's successful career, money, and also alluded to his gangster past. Instead, the emcee rhymes about how the "craving" of Hot Pockets grab him, and how good the microwaveable treats can be.

"Home with kids in the crib ma / Pocket like it's hot / And your munchies get an attitude / Pocket like it's hot / I've got the pockets in my arms / Setting off smoke alarms / And I eat 'em while it's hot / 'Cause I got it goin' on," raps Snoop in the song.

Despite the cheesy lyrics, Snoop Dogg- more recently Snoop Lion- said he and the other rappers enjoyed making the remix.

"Hot Pockets are irresistibly hot," he said in a prepared statement, "and I thought this was a great digital campaign. Hot pockets have always been a favorite in my house, so this project was something that I felt I could really get behind. Plus, we had a great time coming up with the remix."

The song-turned-advertisement is a necessary step for Nestle, who laid off 103 workers from its Chatsworth facility, according to The Los Angeles Times.

"Consumers are a little more frugal, and competition is continuing to be very heated," Roz O'Hearn, a Nestle spokesperson, told the publication previously. "It's very unfortunate, but it is necessary to keep the business healthy and continuing."

Part of that was making the video entertaining, which the company certainly did by adding WWE superstar Broadus Clay. He also commented on the ad, saying that his life came "full circle,"— he went from being Snoop's bodyguard to the WWE, and finally in a digital campaign video alongside the rapper.