Soccer Streaker Costs Own Team a Goal: HJK Players Viciously Tackle Streaker (VIDEO)

A soccer streaker ended up costing his favorite team a goal in Finland Sunday night. Very successful Finnish team HJK was hosting fellow Finnish team RoPS and was about to score a goal when a nearly-naked man ran directly across players' paths, interrupting their play and upsetting them.

The soccer streaker ran onto the field in nothing but a pair of black spandex, dodging players and officials alike. Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi— HJK for short— had a great possession and were within only seconds of scoring a goal when the man ran between the forwards and the goalie, throwing off the action.

Rovanieman Palloseura, the less-known football club RoPS, had little time to react, as HJK forwards easily scored. However, because of the streaker's decision to blunder through the play, the goal was disallowed, which clearly upset some players. Several HJK strikers heatedly voiced their opinions to referees— they clearly felt they would have scored regardless of the streaker's interference.

Players downfield witnessed the incident and paid the streaker back for his antics, though. When the man began running downfield, several footballers caught up with him, viciously tackling him to the ground. More players held him down by the neck so security officers could take the man off the field.

Although the streaker attempted to cover his face, with a jacket and his hands, security officers pulled both of his arms back, exposing his identity.

The man later said in an interview that the streaking wasn't his idea— he was dared to run onto the pitch by his friends who were attending the game with him. They suggested he sprint naked at the 83rd minute— the minute of his birth— which just happened to be when HJK was about to score.

The unnamed man also admitted that HJK was his favorite football team, and that he was sorry about the incident.