Sofia Vergara 40th Birthday Celebration, Reunites With Ex Mark Loeb? (PHOTOS)

In celebration of her 40th birthday on Tuesday, Sofia Vergara drifted off to Mexico to enjoy some time on the beach.

The Columbian actress, known for her role on "Modern Family," checked into the Rosewood Mayakoba spa resort in the Riviera Maya according to People Magazine, before visiting Fort San Miguel in Campeche with her love interest Nick Loeb. The star also shared some of her birthday moments with her followers on Twitter.

"I have my own bubble head!" the actress wrote on Friday sharing a picture.

She also posted a picture of herself and friend boarding the plane for the coming celebration.

"The plane is ready for the bday people," the actress wrote.

The actress then shared photos of herself once she had arrived in Mexico.

"Here we come Mexico lindo!! My happy birthday strip is about to start!!!" she said.

Vergara travelled to Mexico via a private jet which she share with her on again off again love interest Mark Loeb. Their reconciliation was a surprise to some after their last break up was followed by charges that Loeb was "a sex addict who indulges in multiple-partner cocaine-fuelled orgies," according to Mail Online. The couple celebrated alongside two other couples.

While many of Vergara's fans raved over her good looks despite her growing years, most also wondered about her selection of men.

"Stunning, classy, funny and a very good actress. She deserves all the fame and money," Cherry M. wrote on the Mail Online blog.

"I wonder what she sees in this guy?" Kerry asked on the Mail Online blog, a statement which was also echoed by other users.