Sofia Vergara May 'Freeze Eggs,' Will Host 'SNL'

"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara has said she is considering freezing her eggs, in an interview just weeks ahead of her "SNL" debut.

Vergara appears on the cover of InStyle's April issue, and told the magazine, "I guess I am going to think about freezing my eggs."

The actress turns 40 this July, and opened up about her relationship with businessman Nick Loeb.

"The most important thing was that he was very handsome," said Vergara of Loeb, whom she first started dating in 2010. "But he was also very funny, talking ---- to me like a normal person."

Vergara's career began at 17 when she modeled in a bikini for a Pepsi ad, but the actress has had a troubled past. Her brother, Rafael, was kidnapped and later murdered in 1998. The Columbian native had already moved to the U.S. at the time, and relocated some of her family to live with her in Miami.

Without her son Manolo, 19, Vergara said she may not have been able to keep working through the difficult times.

"You can't just sit in your house and think about the tragedies," she says. "That's when people get depressed and their lives stop."

About turning 40 this summer she said, "I don't really care."

Vergara added, "But doesn't that sound hideous? I remember thinking when my mom was 40 that she was already done."

The Golden Globe-nominated actress will host "Saturday Night Live" on April 7. The announcement came during last week's Jonah Hill-hosted "SNL."

On Twitter, she retweeted "SNL's" Jesse Tyler, writing, "Luv u!" after he had posted: "I'm so glad it is officially announced: I can freely express my excitement about @sofiavergara hosting SNL April7!"

It will be Vergara's first time hosting the live comedy show.

Vergara also appears in the Bobby and Peter Farrelly-directed film "Three Stooges," in theaters April 13.