Sofia Vergara 'SNL' Hosting Debut

"Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara has made her debut as host on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend.

The Columbian actress kicked off the show with a joking and confident monologue where she described her arrival to the United States.

"This country welcomed me with open arms and pulled-down pants," quipped Vergara, with her distinct accent.

She also poked fun at her cast mates on "Modern Family," and noted her on-screen husband Ed O'Neill's past role as the lazy Ed Bundy on the television series "Married with Children."

"Growing up in Columbia, it was every girl's dream to grow up and marry Al Bundy," joked Vergara.

Also making fun of herself, Vergara claimed her accent made unattractive words sound appealing, and said words such as "Rick Santorum" and "New Jersey" as examples.

"So, forgive me if you cannot understand what I say, and I will forgive you for starting at my chest the whole night," the curvy brunette then concluded.

The "Saturday Night Live" episode saw comedic skits involving spoofs of "The Hunger Games" and an imitation of actress Fran Drescher during skit "Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel."

Musical guest One Direction also appeared on the comedy series Saturday night.

Vergara's hosting earned her praise from fans on Twitter following Saturday's episode.

"SNL's @TheHungerGames parody was zoo good," wrote Isabelle. "@SofiaVergara was amazing!"

Also congratulating Vergara for her hosting duties, "Modern Family" actor Jesse Ferguson tweeted a photo with the actress backstage at "SNL" with the caption: "A triumph @SofiaVergara! So proud!"

In response, Vergara posted on Twitter, "Gracias for coming! I luv you," directed toward fans.

A week before the episode aired, Vergara kept fans in the loop about the show.

"Coming out of my first SNL meeting at 30 Rock," wrote the actress. "Wooohuuuu!"

Next week, "Saturday Night Live" will he see Josh Brolin host and musical guest Gotye.