Sofia Vergara at Emmys for 'Modern Family' Win (PHOTO)

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Sofia Vergara)Sofia Vergara poses for Cover Girl before Met Gala.

Sofia Vergara admitted that she had problems when the back of her dress split just before her cast went on stage for "Modern Family."

"Modern Family," a show about three related couples and their kids, won best comedy for the third time in a row during the 2012 Emmy Awards which took place on Sunday.

Sofia Vergara plays Gloria, who is much younger than her husband but passionate about being a mother. But on Sunday, Vergara experienced a real life comedic moment. Just before going on stage, the back of her dress split down her back.

"Yes!!!! This happend 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!" Vergara posted on her "Who Say" account adding a picture of the dress split.

In a second photo, the slit had been fixed thanks to a handful of helpers.

"Modern Family won!! Dress malfuncion !!! Thank you emergency team!!!" the star added after the rip had been repaired.

Vergara did not get the win for best supporting actress in a comedy, although "Modern Family" secured its third win. In the past Vergara was nominated for two Golden Globes and has also appeared in movies like Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns" and "New Year's Eve."

The actress recently released an exclusive clothing line at K-Mart. She is originally from Colombia and attended dental school before being discovered and becoming a model and host. She currently lives in Los Angeles.